Direct Primary Care for Employers


Are you looking for a way to provide your employees with healthcare, but aren’t satisfied with traditional insurance? Look no further than Direct Primary Care with Family Care Spokane. This healthcare model can provide your employees with the best quality care, includes same day visits, offers minor emergency care, and saves money!

Direct Primary Care puts an emphasis on optimizing your employees' health, and covers 90% of typical health care needs, all at a low cost. When paired with a high deductible catastrophic health insurance, the money saved will pay for the Direct Primary Care contract.

  • Healthy employees spend more time on the job and are more productive.

  • Direct Primary Care is an excellent choice for employers who cannot afford to offer traditional health insurance to their employees.

  • Attract better applicants

  • Retain quality employees

  • Increase loyalty

  • Reduce turnover and save money in training replacements




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It Costs You When You Lose An Employee

By offering a Direct Primary Care program, employers can lower their turnover rate and reduce the expense of training new employees. On average, each hourly employee costs $1,200 - $2,000 to train, and salaried individuals can cost 35% - 60% of their annual salary. 



"Dr. Condon’s style of healthcare is a genuine case of medical practice made perfect. While being on the cutting edge of technology, the manner in which he provides treatment is reminiscent of an earlier time when doctors paid the utmost attention to every aspect of care. He always spends as much time as I need when I visit. His staff is wonderful, and his pricing structure is reasonable. He offers most services in house, and yes, he has common sense! How can you beat that?"